At the threshold of a new era of artificial intelligence (AI), we are facing radical changes, with long-standing business areas being wiped out at a rapid rate. How can you emerge from this transition stronger? By utilising active innovation management.

Innovation culture

The innovation culture within a company dictates whether the innovation of the workforce is allowed to thrive:

  • Development of a innovation strategy that is tailored to the corporate strategy.


  • Companies with a growth strategy require a different innovation management system than companies focused of consolidation.


  • Creation of an innovation controlling process. The aim is to establish an evaluation scale for innovations that is based on added value with meaningful and effective KPIs and concise reporting.

Organisation and

In order to incorporate innovation into day-to-day business activities, structures and standards need to be created:

  • Development of alternative solutions for organisation anchoring of IM that consider the company size, the status of innovation management, objectives and financial standing.


  • Implementation of processes with control loops, in order to consolidate the innovation efforts and standardise procedure models.


A step-by-step approach to establish active innovation management with rapid results:

  • Check: standardised status-quo analysis regarding the status of innovation management.

  • Roadmap: Creating a prioritised catalogue of measures with the aim of achieving rapid and significant improvements in innovation.

  • Change: Implementation of the roadmap. Our services range from pure project management to process support by an innovation manager.

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Dr.-Ing. Dana Yma Faulenbach   
Managing Director