Connected to the future.
Your digitalisation strategy will decide whether or not your company remains future-proof. Thanks to the improved performance of the in-memory database, integration modules such as SAP MFS® and various cloud solutions, SAP S/4HANA® provides the necessary basis for the path towards Industry 4.0. Benefits from our SAP® Logistics experts combined with our expertise in the development of AI.

IoT in
warehouse logistics

The automation of warehouse logistics systems is more important today than ever. We will help you with the following:

  • Selecting hardware with a view to integrating it within your SAP® landscape.

  • Designing logistics processes and identifying optimisation potentials.

  • Implementation in your SAP® system.

Warehouse logistics
in SAP®

The warehouse is the heart of your logistics processes, and it will continue to be so for many years to come. Discover your opportunities with us:

  • Differentiated mapping of complex processes with SAP® EWM.

  • Use SAP® Stock Room Management to make your move from WM to S/4HANA® as simple as possible.

  • Handle simple warehouse processes with SAP® IM.

Supply chain

We are your partner for complete solutions across the whole supply chain:

  • Optimise procurement logistics with S/4 HANA®.

  • Use cloud-based solutions properly and automate processes with suppliers and freight forwarders.

  • Streamline goods issue processes through cross-docking and precisely tailored wave picking.

  • Optimise transport logistics, improve track&trace – maximise customer satisfaction.

in S/4HANA®

One of the biggest elements of an SAP® S/4 HANA project is switching to EWM as a warehouse management system. Take advantage of our expertise during the decision-making process:

  • Evaluation of customer-specific alternative warehouse management solutions in S/4 HANA®.

  • Workshop: “Opportunities and potentials offered by SAP® EWM”.

  • Design workshops for target process definition in EWM.

  • Implementation of pilot projects with a focus on warehouse management.

SAP® architecture
in logistics

Stay up to date and learn about the latest developments in supply chain management:

  • Optimisation through cloud-based solutions such as SAP® Warehouse Inside.

  • Integration of SAP TM® and SAP EWM® via Advanced Shipping & Receiving.

  • Freight collaboration, improve tracking and traceability via the SAP® Logistics Business Network.

Full service

From large-scale plans such as the construction of an automatic warehouse through to specific requirements for employee training in SAP® logistics applications – you can count on us to help you with small or big challenges. No matter what logistics challenges your SAP® system landscape is faced with: We tailor our offerings to suit you and your individual requirements.

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