Hydrogen economy. Artificial Intelligence. Decentralisation. New laws and regulations. New business areas and processes. Many challenges. Our mission: To shape the future with excellent industry know-how and comprehensive AI expertise.

Energy system and technologies

Implementing energy transition objectives, analysing systemic interrelationships and evaluating technologies:

  • Development of the corporate strategy with consideration of the megatrends of decentralisation, data science and artificial intelligence.


  • Infrastructure optimisation solutions including sector coupling and integrating new technologies.


  • Expert opinions in relation to areas of innovation and techniques.​


  • Conception of pilot projects including ongoing support.

Energy laws and

Analysing the effects of changes to the legal framework on business areas, processes and IT and taking appropriate action.

  • ​Drafting of position papers and expert opinion that quantify the economic impacts of changes to the legal and regulatory framework on business areas and IT.

  • Supporting your legal department with questions concerning energy technology, procedural matters, economics and IT.

  • Support for your lobbying activities.

Energy processes
and data

Data is the gold of the 21st century. Processes are how we use data. Automation as a key to success:

  • Conception and execution of data cleaning projects.

  • Implementation of cockpit solutions for process monitoring and KPI reporting.

  • Further development of the whole energy data management system.

  • Optimisation of energy quantities settlement, determination of overtake and undertake amounts, forecasting, schedule management and settlement area management.

Dr.-Ing. Dana Yma Faulenbach   
Managing Director

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