These days, in addition to day-to-day business, a huge amount of projects are carried out to develop business areas. The priorities need to be right. This is a tough task. We help companies get things done more effectively.

Project management

We help you to realise your innovation projects – from the definition of objectives to successful project completion:

  • Project management, sub-project management.

  • Project assistance.

  • Project Office.

Project portfolio

We help you to analyse and strategically align your portfolio and also to select achievable projects:

  • Project portfolio analysis and project review.


  • Development and expansion of an integrated system of project portfolio management.


  • PPM tool integration.

Project Management

We help you to standardise and optimise the processes and tools involved in project management.

  • Development of PM organisation and processes.


  • Establishment of PM methods and suitable tools.


  • Coordination of projects and resources.

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