Increasing energy, material and CO2 costs. Energy transition. Decarbonisation. Carbon leakage. Legal requirements. International competition. Cost optimisation. Sustainability evaluation. Sustainability strategy. Overcoming challenges together to create a climate-neutral Europe and shape the future. Innovation. Future-proof. Sustainability that pays off.

Cost optimisation

Systematic process evaluation and optimisation, technology screening and implementation:

  • Analysis of energy costs and identification of savings potentials for direct reduction of costs.

  • Use of innovative energy supply concepts to uncover hidden consumers and potentials and avoid peak loads.

  • Optimisation of your CO₂ cost management and certification management.

  • Energy and material flow analysis to optimise production processes and increase resource & energy efficiency.


Effective use of a holistic life cycle approach and various methods:

  • Optimising supply chains, complying with legal requirements and achieving sustainability targets by using the life cycle assessment (LCA).

  • Support for marketing activities and increasing market value via the carbon and water footprint.

  • Investigating ecological and economic impacts on the product life cycle via the life cycle assessment.

  • Extension information availability for customers and investors with regards to sustainability KPIs (ESG)

Sustainability strategy

Optimisation of strategic planning to prepare for future regulatory, societal and environmental challenges:

  • Strategy development and implementation for increased resilience at various levels.

  • Use of ecological design as a quality criteria within the company.

  • Establishing a circular economy through waste avoidance, ecodesign and re-use/recycling.

  • Use of ecolabels to increase competitiveness.

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